Gordon Hearing Conservation

With Pamela Gordon duPont M.S. CCC-A, CPS/A


We feel that employee education is the most essential aspect of the program.

In addition to covering the topics required by OSHA, we give the employees an understanding of the importance of protecting their hearing.

We offer flexible opportunities for employee training to fit the company's needs such as:

* Video presentations which can be shown to small or large groups.

* Both the video and the booklets are available in both English and Spanish

* Videos which can be sent to the company for use at annual safety meetings.

* Optional quizzes are available for after the video presentation.

* Educational booklets covering all aspects of hearing conservation, with a removable quiz at the end for documentation in the employee's file.

* Additional written educational materials are available in Portugese.

* Group seminars given by the audiologist. These can be personalized to fit the company's needs.

* Employee group hearing protection fitting sessions by the audiologist.

* "Train the trainer" for supervisors and safety personnel by the audiologist.


Training can be conducted for groups as small as one.


We conduct seminars for groups of employees and management.