Gordon Hearing Conservation

With Pamela Gordon duPont M.S. CCC-A, CPS/A

While utilizing state of the art computer technology to analyze data, we do not ignore the importance of the role of the audiologist in reviewing the results and making recommendations for follow up care.

The audiologist personally communicates with the client with regards to follow up action on individual employees.

Our EARS (Employee Audiometric Reporting System) computer program conducts a number of calculations on the audiometric data including:

* Current hearing status

* Age corrected comparison for OSHA STS (non age corrected results upon request)

* Calculations for OSHA 300 recordability

* Percent hearing loss based on state workers compensation formulas

* Baselines are revised for each ear separately.

We provide an individual letter for each employee, explaining current hearing status, comparison to the baseline, and recommendations for follow up care in either English or Spanish.

Click here for sample employee letters.

The audiologist is available at all times for questions from either management or employees, not just during the annual visit.

We can analyze audiograms sent from other sites. Results include alphabetical summary and employee letters.


Ms. Gordon duPont fits an employee with a new specialized ear plug.

Our summary report for management is contained in a three-ring binder which enables employers to add information during the year. The report includes information such as:

* Information on equipment and calibrations

* Alphabetical summary of test results

* Test results listed by category

* Detail of audiometric data

* Employee education information

* Copy of the OSHA hearing conservation standard for reference

Click here for a sample report.

On site consulting services by the audiologist:

* Program set-up

* HCP review and analysis

* Work with individual employees and management with new technologies in hearing protection

* Work relatedness studies

* Case management of referrals

* Expert witness