Gordon Hearing Conservation

With Pamela Gordon duPont M.S. CCC-A, CPS/A


We provide flexible on site hearing testing services, all of which are designed to be in full compliance with OSHA regulation 1910.95 for hearing conservation.


We utilize two (2) custom built hearing test vans, with specialized insulation, heating and air conditioning for complete comfort.

Each van contains separate hearing test booths, complete with doors and windows, for each employee. This affords maximum privacy and concentration for accurate test results.

Octave band monitors inside booths assure ongoing compliance with OSHA regulations.

Each van is equipped with state of the art computerized audiometric equipment.

Testing is provided around the clock, covering all shifts, to meet your scheduling needs.

Each booth is equipped with an LCD player for the employee to see the training video just prior to the hearing test.

All testing is conducted by CAOHC certified hearing conservationists or certified audiologists.

Click here for a sample employee hearing test form.


We can test nine employees every ten minutes or 54 employees per hour.

Each employee is tested in separate hearing test booths.

Our friendly staff of hearing conservationists are all CAOHC certified.