Gordon Hearing Conservation

With Pamela Gordon duPont M.S. CCC-A, CPS/A

The aspect of a hearing conservation program often overlooked is the importance of conducting noice control engineering to lower noise levels.




We utilize highly experienced acoustical engineers, who hold an M.S. in Acoustics, and board certification from the Institute of Noise Control Engineering of the USA.



Our acoustical engineer conducts noise analysis with state-of-the-art equipment.


Utilizing state of the art acoustical equipment, we are able to provide services including:

* Plant-wide noise and vibration control programs

* On-site noise and vibration measurements

* Analysis of noise and vibration data

* Recommendations for noise and vibration control

* Noise control training, presentations, and meetings

* Acoustical aspects of manufacturing machinery design

* Acoustical aspects of standards and specifications

* "Buy Quiet" and "Design Quiet" programs

* Acoustical aspects of the design of new facilities

* HVAC system noise control

* Acoustical aspects of break areas, conference rooms, assembly areas